I am in love with his words. I want to hold them to my chest and let them sing me to sleep even though lullabies were never really my thing.

They’re not mine. They belong to some nameless girl on some nameless street with bluer eyes and blonder hair; the picture of perfection. I only borrow them from time to time.

But that’s okay. Loving a person takes time. Loving words takes an instant.

So all that I need is a little bit of time to play pretend; to slip into the shoes of a girl that I’ll probably never meet and fall finally, blissfully asleep.


3 thoughts on “Lullaby

  1. This is really lovely stuff – subtle but powerful turn of phrase. Nicely balanced writing with all sorts of open meanings to explore. Interesting wordplay too with ‘shes’ which suggests so much. It’d be great if you’d check me out too 🙂

    • Thank you very much! That was actually supposed to be “shoes.” I have an awful tendency to not read over things before I post them, which results in weird little slip-ups like that. I will definitely check your stuff out!

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